Pixel Survivors

Strategy Survival Simulation Game!

Pixel Survivors is a real time strategy and simulation game.

Inspired by management games of the old school, Pixel Survivors is based on the ability of the player to the outcome of the challenges during the playthrough.

The game lets the player decide the distribution of the world, it’s up to them to figure out the best way to create landmasses and how to organize the village itself.


  • Create some land and help your initial villagers to survive during the first period of time.
  • Build houses for hosting your citizens, create chicken pens and farms to feed them.
  • Elevate forges and tailors to keep the population well dressed and with the necessary tools for working.
  • Construct mines and foresting towers to get new resources once the surface has been wiped.
  • Improve the efficiency of your work by adding windmills and sawmills.
  • Once you’ve got a stable village, all you can do is expand your village and try to get a bigger population stable.

Over 13,000 copies sold on Early Access!

Have fun, and see how far you can get your village to grow!

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